Study Abroad Award 2019

Riley Perlman


Comp was open to students who wanted to study at college abroad.

$2,000 cash prize

Write a 150-250 word essay on this round's theme.

Comp deadline: Nov 1, 2019

The Capital of the World: London

☆☆☆ by Riley Perlman, from Tucson USA to London ☆☆☆

I am a sophomore currently studying Political Science: International relations and I have chosen to study abroad in the capital of the world, London. Since I can remember, I have always been enamored with London. I love so many aspects of British society, the arts, architecture, tradition, linguistics, royalty, theatre, landscapes, and the vast diversity present in London. History has always been my absolute favorite subject in school, and Britain has centuries of truly fascinating history that is also very intertwined with the United States. Additionally, Britain is currently going through many changes, with regards to Brexit and shifts in the monarchy, and this time period will surely be historic. It would be a memorable and life changing experience to take part in an internship involved with these changes.

With regards to the history and government structure of Britain, it is a similar government framework as in the United States, as it was used as the basis for what our founding fathers wanted, with modifications to ensure that the United States Government is protected through the checks and balances of three legislative bodies. In school, I have been fascinated with the challenges the U.S. Government faces daily and I think it would be extremely beneficial to learn about the daily challenges the British Government are facing today. I also think that being able to live in and experience an alternate form of government will allow me to form an opinion and new perspective on my home nation’s government.