Study Abroad Award 2018

Emily Tran.


Comp was open to students who wanted to study at college abroad.

$2,000 cash prize

Write a 150-250 word essay on this round's theme.

Comp deadline: Nov 1, 2018


☆☆☆ by Emily Tran, from San Diego USA to Seoul Korea ☆☆☆

This upcoming fall, I will have the amazing opportunity to study abroad in a country I've been hoping to travel to one day. I grew up watching countless Korean dramas, learning to cook Korean dishes, and attempting to learn the Korean language. I think one of the most interesting things I've learned about Korean culture is the use of the term "fighting". It essentially means to keep pushing and persevering and to fight on! This term is used so often and seems to be unite classmates, friends, neighbors, family, and even complete strangers. I can't wait to experience the culture of the beautiful city, Seoul. I never have experienced living in a big city so I am excited to be in a part of Korea where everything will be accessible by just walking or a simple subway ride away. While this experience will be very foreign to me, all I have to do is keep fighting!