Best Online Business Schools – Undergraduate

The best online business schools put you in control of your studies.

  • You can study where and when it suits.
  • You can adjust your study load according to life commitments.
  • Plus you can earn a valuable business degree without incurring a huge debt.

Good Colleges has identified the top 3 online business schools for undergraduate study. Rankings are based on course features and student feedback. For online bachelor and associate degrees in business, we independently recommend:

  1. Columbia Southern University
  2. Western Governors University
  3. Capella University.

Each of these specialist online universities has a large business school. They offer all the popular majors – from accounting and finance, through to marketing and project management.

Online study with a business college or school.

Why Get an Undergraduate Business Degree Online?

Studying online is the most convenient way to get an undergraduate business degree. You can start any time of year. There is no travel involved. You can literally study wherever and whenever it suits.

If you are good at independent learning, distance study is also highly efficient and effective.

  • Frankly, most undergraduate business courses have similar content. Students learn about finance, statistics, analysis and examine specialist subjects such as marketing and management principles.
  • Online courses give you easy access to this content. The information is usually well organised and available in one place – online.
  • The digital, media-based format allows you to pace yourself and focus on essential learning areas.

Online degrees are for people who have (or are able to develop) good study habits and techniques. If you apply yourself well, you can steadily complete an online business program from home or work.

Top Universities to Study Business Online

The best online business schools for undergraduate study provide value for money. Based on student feedback, a number of the cheaper business schools deliver a service just as good as the more expensive schools.

Good Colleges ranked online business schools using 4 criteria:

  • size of the online university
  • student ratings and feedback
  • depth of the undergraduate business program (especially majors and concentrations available)
  • tuition fees.

The top online schools provide a combination of choice, good teaching and low fees. You can earn a bachelor or associate degree in your preferred business field. You receive solid learning support. And you only pay a modest amount in tuition and book fees.

Online business school degree.

Columbia Southern University College of Business

The College of Business at Columbia Southern University is one of the largest online business schools. Associate, bachelor, masters and certificate programs are available for many subjects, including: administration, finance, health care administration, hospitality and tourism, HR, IT, management, marketing, and project management.

The business school is highly rated by students, who appreciate the solid support they receive while earning a highly affordable degree.

Western Governors University College of Business

The College of Business at Western Governors University offers possibly the cheapest degrees from a respected online business school. There is a low monthly term rate, which particularly advantages students who move through their course quickly. Assessment is competency based, meaning you can go faster for topics where you feel confident.

For Bachelor of Science Business students, you can major in accounting, business management, healthcare management, HR, IT management, or marketing.

Capella University School of Business

The business school at Capella University has a feature-packed program. Many courses are self-paced – the FlexPath option allows you to complete a unit according to your own schedule. While supporting self-paced learning, the business program is interactive and includes group discussions. You can sign up for a mini-course to sample Capella's approach.

Available concentrations for bachelor-degree students include: accounting, business intelligence, finance, health care management, HR, management leadership, marketing, and project management.

Business School Quotes

Business degree skills

As a student in the online BS in Business Administration program, you’ll gain knowledge and employer-desired skillsets in accounting, business law, human resource management, management, marketing and leadership.

Flexibility and time savings

For mature students, business professionals, graduate students and anyone with greater time commitments than the average school-leaver, the flexibility provided by online degree programs is invaluable.

Open career options

Some students choose general business courses and see where this takes them. They only target a specific career later (while doing the course or after gaining professional experience). Studying business gives you this flexibility.