Top 3 Liberal Arts Colleges – Online

The best online colleges for liberal arts offer students a good learning experience. Degrees are relatively cheap, you can study fully online, and you are taught in an engaging way using digital media. The top colleges also provide a wide choice of subjects.

Good Colleges has selected the top 3 universities for studying liberal arts online:

  • Kaplan University
  • Ashford University
  • American Public University System.

These are popular universities for liberal arts, with large arts, humanities and liberal studies programs. They are experts in distance education and receive high course ratings from online students.

Choosing a good online course provider will help you succeed at liberal arts studies. You'll be able to select from an interesting list of courses. Plus you'll have strong support for home-based learning.

Online arts degree college student.

Why Get a Liberal Arts Degree Online?

Most liberal arts subjects can be studied online very effectively. Academic disciplines such as language and writing, cultural studies and social science can be taught and learned using digital technologies.

  • Fields which are less suited to online study include natural sciences (such as chemistry) and some visual arts (such as sculpture).
  • Mixed mode programs (where you physically attend a campus occasionally) may be available for subjects requiring lab classes or other in-person instruction. 

Being able to complete a degree online offers great benefits. Online study is convenient because you can study where and when it suits you. Popular online courses are usually available year-round, and you can work through a course by doing just 1 or 2 units at a time.

  • With online study, you don't have the time costs involved with going to and from classes.
  • Your study program can be fitted into your lifestyle rather than the other way round.

Subject choice

If you study with one of the stronger online colleges, you have many choices about majors, concentrations and individual units.

  • While you may be asked to nominate a major upfront, good colleges give you the flexibility to adjust your program as you go.
  • Online universities are responsive to demand for courses. Popular majors are widely available (such as criminal justice and psychology).

Popular liberal arts online degrees

Anthropology, Communications, Criminal Justice, English, Environmental Studies, General Studies, History, Homeland Security, International Relations, Legal Studies, Liberal Studies, Linguistics, Middle Eastern Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Public Relations and Marketing, Religious Studies, Social Science, Sociology

Best Universities for Studying Arts Online

The best colleges for online study of liberal arts are popular. Colleges which attract large numbers of students do so for a reason. They are generally affordable, appropriately credentialed, offer a good range of courses, set attainable entry standards, and have a solid academic reputation.

Good Colleges has chosen the best liberal arts colleges based on 4 criteria:

  1. college size (number of online students)
  2. program size (range and depth of arts courses)
  3. use of technology (purpose-built online programs)
  4. liberal arts student reviews (ratings and comments).

We recommend the following universities for getting a liberal arts degree online. Each is affordable (with American Public University System the cheapest). Each also allows you to enroll at any time of year and study year-round. They are modern online universities and among the biggest for liberal arts.

College students studying arts subjects online.

Kaplan University Liberal Arts Degrees

Kaplan University offers online Bachelor of Science degrees in the liberal arts. Certificates, associate degrees and masters degrees are also available. Subjects include communication, corrections, criminal Justice, early childhood administration, environmental management, human services, legal studies, liberal studies, and psychology.

The international online university is known for high quality teaching. It uses the expertise of professors from any location, not just where the university is based.

Ashford University College of Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts at Ashford University offers an extensive range of online Bachelor of Arts degrees. Available majors include applied linguistics, English, environmental studies, history, and liberal arts.

Ashford University offers online students a smooth learning experience. Each course uses the same technology interface, which works well on all devices (including smartphones).

American Public University School of Arts & Humanities

The School of Arts and Humanities at American Public University System offers arts degrees at associate, bachelor and masters levels. Available majors include English, general studies, history, military history, philosophy, political science, psychology, religion and sociology.

The university is very affordable and has a high graduation rate. Online arts students generally recommend the university to others (see

College Quotes - Arts

Arts degrees online

Liberal arts degrees online will help you develop your creativity, expand your knowledge base and gain the communication, analytical and research skills that are the foundation of a liberal arts education.

Studying liberal arts

Coursework in psychology, government, communications, ethics, philosophy and other disciplines ensures a broad-base of knowledge as well as preparation for graduate school in fields like counseling, communications and leadership.

Graduate careers

A liberal arts degree can appeal to employers who are seeking someone with solid critical thinking and problem solving skills. There are a variety of career choices available in communications, media, public service, government, and science.