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Good Colleges is here to help students. Our role is to:

  1. describe education and career options in your study field
  2. assist you find an excellent college program.

Choosing the right course is a path to a positive learning experience and successful career.

Good college programs

College education is about opportunity. It is your chance to build valuable knowledge and skills.

A good college program:

  • engages you deeply and cultivates a learning habit that stays with you
  • offers a well rounded education, balancing theoretical, applied and technical parts
  • connects you to the job market by providing useful training and a respected qualification.

Good Colleges shows only recommended programs that meet quality and value criteria.


Good Colleges is a UniCurve publication

University or college graduates.
Andrew Lancaster.

Dr Andrew Lancaster

Good Colleges Website Editor

I'm very pleased to present course information to you and other readers through Good Colleges.

Our aim is to present an accurate, useful guide to study choices.

The number 1 condition for listing a program here is:

Would I happily choose this program if I were to study in this field?

Stats and student feedback are used to help select good courses. Tuition fees also count.

If a course is listed here, we genuinely believe it to be an excellent study option.

I encourage you to look at the scholarship opportunities. These competitions are meant to teach you something useful. You can benefit from entering even if you don't ultimately claim a prize.